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okay wow. this movie was just surreal-(short intro)
scream(1996) was the first horror movie i watched (BY CHOICE) and i absolutely fell in love with it. i watched it around august of 2021 and i just couldn't get enough. it's the movie that made me love horror. since i just saw scream(1996) i knew id sadly never get to experience my favourite horror franchise in theatres due to it's age. to my surprise, scream(2022) was coming soon. i was ecstatic. unfortunately for me theatres closed right as scream(2022) was released :( i made sure to steer clear of spoilers and hope that theatres opened soon. on feb 2nd i went with two of my friends to see scream(2022) and boy was it great. before we even walked into the theatre we started guessing who the killers could be (based on the poster), and to our surprise we were correct!

(actual review)
'for wes' that really stung. this movie was everything i ever imagined and more, it was perfect in almost every way. they didn't just write over the existing characters, instead they added more! i wont lie some were really annoying... but for the most part i loved them! (new final girls acquired 💪). the kills were pretty "graphic" compared to the rest of the franchise. the most painful kill was definitely dewey :/// ill miss him dearly, one of my faves, kinda upset that he died the way he did and HE DIDNT GET TO SAY GOODBYE TO GALE AND SID!! UGH. anyways i noticed that dewey had tatum's urn(??) and that was so heart-shattering. and whatever they did to de-age skeet was so funny to me for absolutely no reason. the fact that the final scene is set at STU'S HOUSE is so insane- like oh my gosh this is perfect. i think this was a solid addition to the franchise with the right mix of scares and laughs. also the fact that sam is billy's daughter is so funny to me idk why, it was just so random but i guess it set the end scene up nicely because the killers said something along the lines of "she hears her serial killer dad talking to her in her mind so she has to finish what he started" and it reminded me of billy and stu's plan where they blamed sid's dad and what-not :(. ALSO randy's family is so <33 she's just like me fr! constantly talks about movies and knows everything about horror (just like randy) randy meeks u will always be famous ily. also the modern horror references were fun, and when they used the stab/halloween movies as examples in the scene where dewey literally solved the case, to refer back to scream(2022) was so <33. also im not surprised that the killers met on REDDIT and are active reddit users LOL (no shade to reddit users, i just think its funny). anyways im kinda just rambling on and on and just saying words but i just really wanted to write a long review about this movie because it just means so much to me.

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